Parita Desai is a recent graduate from Ithaca College where she studied journalism and politics. She was an intern at CBS News in Washington D.C. where she assisted in reporting from the trial of Paul Manafort while interning on CBS Evening News and Weekend News.

Her interests include domestic politics, national security and foreign affairs.  

Parita has also interned at the CBS News London Bureau, working on CBS This Morning, Evening News and 60 Minutes. She helped in coverage for a range of stories including a London Underground explosion. 

In the Spring semester of 2018, she studied abroad in Amman, Jordan where she studied Arabic and Middle East politics.  

In Ithaca, Parita spent most of her time as a correspondent for 91.7 WICB-FM and as an anchor and reporter Ithaca College Television

She has won a New York State Broadcasters Award for her audio reporting on overreach by campus police officers in mental health interventions. She has also been nominated for a College Broadcasters Award for her television reporting on labor rights issues on college campuses.

You can see her resume here

You can contact her at paritadesai5@gmail.com